Disease is sent to us to hasten our evolution.
Could we but listen, we could live disease free.
~ Dr. Edward Bach

Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing says that our world is vibration. Our bodies and all creation are organized vibration. We are a part of the vibration of the cosmos which nurtures our life and health.

Modern medicine deals with the physical symptoms of disease, not the underlying causes. The body, mind, and emotions are one-changes at one level will bring automatic changes at every other level.

Taking a step back to revive ancient practices, vibrational healing is non-invasive and anti-materialistic, relying for its effectiveness on tuning the body/mind to achieve a communion with the healing powers in the soul.

Sound Healing

The voice is the primordial musical instrument. Everyone has the basic musical 'wiring' required to use it for self-healing. All you really need is the ability to make a high hum, a low hum, some in the middle, and go up and down - paying attention to any sore or tense spots in the body that come to your notice during the exercise. Also, if the voice "cracks" that shows the need for healing and you will learn special techniques for that.

Color Therapy

Like sound, light is vibration: the red end of the spectrum vibrates faster than the violet end. The light admitted by the eyes has a profound effect on the body and emotions via the Pineal gland. The Pineal regulates body functions and synchronizes with the environment by releasing Melatonin. Color can in many cases eliminate paralysis from stroke and restore normal function.

Your healing can be enhanced by changing the colors in your environment. In your home, paint one room a healing color. In what you wear, notice what are the power colors for you. The colors in nature are always healing, so give your eyes the delight and healing experience of immersion in nature. Watch the sky, the sunset, sunrise, moonlight, and clouds.

Light has been called 'medicine of the future,' but ancient healing traditions also emphasize the importance of color for healing. In traditional Chinese Medicine, each of the five basic elements has an associated color, season and direction.

EarthYellowLate SummerCenter

For Stroke Victims

A first stroke is often mild and limited to only one region of the brain. Music and herbal therapy allow one to re-wire the brain along under-utilized pathways, bringing balance and harmony to the mind. It cannot restore the damaged area but it can help to reinvent a new way of living.

In a stroke, a part of the brain with restricted blood flow will have reduced function thereafter. Different parts of the brain specialize in specific tasks - for example, the area closest the ears is involved in speech. However, musical behaviors are coordinated throughout the entire brain, and are not restricted to one area.

These musical pathways can be used in speaking. A more musical and colorful mode of expression will open up these new parts of the brain. This takes practice but is not hard. It means using the voice differently, more expressively, along with body gesture. The brain and body team-up and guide each other.

The PTSD Formula also helps with this process.

For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Any sort of abuse can result in PTSD. We use diet and sound therapy in combination with flower remedies and herbs to alleviate the stress memory and allow the pain to be completely digested. Current and former members of the armed forces are encouraged to contact us.

The first treatments will include White Chestnut Flower Essence, for repetitive, circling thoughts; and Angelica, for deep feelings of isolation. The PTSD Formula includes:

Green Gentian and Fire Weed (two experimental Remedies):
Bleeding Heart
Glassy Hyacinth
Five Flower Formula (Rescue Remedy)

This formula is all about rebuilding pathways for our life's energy after a catastrophic experience. For cases of emotional numbness, sleep disturbances and dissociation.

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