Disease is sent to us to hasten our evolution.
Could we but listen, we could live disease free.
~ Dr. Edward Bach

Symptom As Guide

A physical symptom-such as pain stiffness, swelling, circulation problems, etc.-is a secondary manifestation of a deeper soul issue. Rarely does disease come on without an accompanying emotional signature which is tied-up with it, so that it is impossible to think dispassionately about it. The symptom shows where to dig, for underneath lies buried treasure-wisdom and opportunity are waiting there.

If a healer could remove all your symptoms this would not necessarily serve you. The cause of the symptom is an obstruction on your true life-path. To have the symptom alleviated without processing would leave you in a state of unrealized potential, and unless there is another way around the obstruction, either your personal evolution will suffer or your symptom will return again and again. Your symptom is pointing the way.

The Work of Digging:
* The way of acceptance
* Encountering a strange new you
* Tossing away old thought forms
* Releasing yourself from self-imposed exile.

We have become lost, allowing the distractions of the world to deflect us from our true path. Each being has something uniquely wonderful to give to the world, but most of us never manage to bring this to expression. That means the world is impoverished, full of lost souls, all suffering from their symptoms and using all kinds of distractions to take their minds off of their suffering.

Acceptance is the beginning of healing. Throw away the distractions, and start to dig. Accept your symptom instead of resisting, holding tension and stress. Acceptance leads to letting go, and once released the symptom will begin to dissolve.

The first stage of digging is like an archaeological dig, or like unpacking your suitcase. You will encounter all the fascinating distractions that you have loaded into that baggage, and your job is to empty it out. Not like a good archaeologist, but like a builder who just wants the land for new uses. You're going to toss away everything that doesn't serve you. If you notice you have the impulse to hold on to something that you know is wrong for you, you have reached the second stage. Now it is time to proceed carefully, step by step.

You can say to yourself, "I noticed that I am holding on to what does not serve me." You don't have to beat yourself up about that. Just accepting what is happening, just noticing, is the second stage. You can relax and breathe it in. You can notice the shape of this thing, whether obsession, compulsion, addiction, distraction, amusement, gratification, just notice without judging, what it is, what it gives you and takes away from you. You may ask for help and support in the third stage. You can ask a true friend, you may ask spirit, you can ask a healer or a teacher, parent or lover. You can express your intention to let go of what no longer serves you. You see the connection between that bit of baggage and your symptom, and you want to heal. You want your authentic life to flow with radiant energy.

You may express thanks to what you are releasing. You can honor it. Don't be sad; beyond this stage of releasement lies a new chapter in your awakening life.

Next comes the healing crisis, when things look hopeless-withdrawal; the darkest night of the soul. Now the real work of healing is underway-you are close to fulfillment, but you will need every support available in this stage.

Perseverance is especially critical at this time; regression can have a demoralizing effect, as though all the effort was wasted. Actively seek out emotional support and redouble your spiritual practices. If you succeed you will arrive at the stage of consolidation.

After healing has taken root, a different feeling will come over you, new and unfamiliar. Often there will be an impulse to erase this strange new feeling by slipping back into the old pattern of disease. Beware of this impulse. How often will a patient of acupuncture go out for a glass of wine or a double espresso right after treatment.

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