Disease is sent to us to hasten our evolution.
Could we but listen, we could live disease free.
~ Dr. Edward Bach

Healing Flower Remedies

Flower remedies work with the bond between plants and humans, in concert with diet, exercise and meditation, to allow release from the stuck places in life. Flower remedies can help you on your journey out of pain, following your own will and intention toward new growth and evolution.

Flower remedies are like points of consciousness in a dropper. The spirit of each plant is concentrated in the flower, and this energy can be potentised into a dew-like brew made just like sun-brewed tea. Flower remedies are imprinted with the energy signature of the flower. There are hundreds of flower remedies commercially available; we work with the original and best-known series, the Bach Flowers, and the California series.

How Do They Work?

Any active compound in a plant may be equally active in any living organism. "Many present-day remedies arose from herbal medicines. They include the cardiac glycosides from Digitalis, Curae originating in the Amazon basin, the Salycilates found in Willow... -Brian J. Ford
The Secret Language of Life

How did Bach devise his Remedies?

Dr. Bach devised 38 flower remedies and described their positive and negative expression. Bach intuited that each dewdrop must contain some of the properties of the plant upon which it rested, and that the heat of the sun would draw out these properties until each drop was magnetized with power. He imitated nature in his method of preparing the remedies, placing flowers in a glass bowl filled with water from a clear stream, to stand in full sunshine for several hours. The resulting liquid was inculcated with the power of the plant, and was very potent.
A few drops of essence will imprint their pattern on spring water. Like seed crystals dropped into a saturated solution, they act as a template, as points of consciousness.


The 12 Healers are prescribed for established patterns of character-the one "Type" remedy appropriate to your personality.

¶ The 7 Helpers are for those stuck in life, where their Type is concealed by their particular rut.

¶ The "Second Nineteen" remedies are for specific symptoms connected with your current life's work.

¶ The first consultation of 90 minutes will determine which flowers will serve you. Hour-long follow-ups as needed.

¶ Taken internally-4 drops in a 6-oz. glass of spring water, sipped throughout the day. A small dose taken consistently 4 times a day is more effective than a large dose.

¶ Externally-May be applied to acupuncture sites on the skin.

Edward Bach, 1886-1936

Of Welsh descent, Bach obtained the Diploma of Public Health at Cambridge. He had a successful practice and worked at the London Homeopathic Hospital where he developed the seven Bowel nosodes, products of disease used as remedies. He attributed most illness to our modern diet of cooked foods. Towards the end of 1929, on a trip to Wales, he encountered the first two flowers of the 38, and set about to replace the bacterial nosodes with the pure and simple herbs of the field. The medical uses of woodland and hedgerow plants were common knowledge throughout Wales since the Physicians of Myddfai in the 1200's.

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