Disease is sent to us to hasten our evolution.
Could we but listen, we could live disease free.
~ Dr. Edward Bach


What is a Flower Remedy?

Classified as an herbal supplement, it is the essence or vibration of the flower, preserved in spring water and alcohol. Unlike essential oils there is no part of the plant remaining in the mixture. It works along the lines of homeopathy but is gentler on the system and more subtle and gradual in its effects.

What Sort of Skills Do You Need to be a F.E. Practitioner?

A practitioner has to be a good listener and needs to understand the effects of the different Flower Remedies. I have studied these personally, taking 44 different Flower Essences myself in just the first year of study alone. I attended the 2006 Cromer Conference in England, the first-ever meeting of Flower Essence practitioners from all over the world, where numerous seminars were offered by the leaders in the field.

What takes place during a Consultation?

The practitioner takes notes and asks questions regarding the client's symptoms. Based on certain key ideas he will match the symptoms to the correct Flower Essence Formula. A blend of Flower Essences will be custom-made for each client to take later, at home.

What is the Treatment Regimen?

Put 4 drops of Flower Essence into a 4-oz. glass of water each morning. Take small sips throughout the day while you are at home. Continue consistently for 10 days. By the 10th day there will be a follow-up consultation. Your body is 70% water, and it is being changed by a few drops of the flower remedy, repeated at frequent intervals; it usually takes about 10 days to notice the effects the first time you take the remedies. After assessment, the formula will be repeated or it may be altered, and the regimen will continue until improvement takes hold. In most cases there is a complete shift within 1-2 months, rarely does it take longer.

What is the Client's role in healing?

Noticing subtle changes, opening to shifts in awareness, watching for new feelings of freedom and connection with the soul. Opening blocked spiritual channels.

Who can take Flower Remedies?

Anyone (including small children and pets) - provided they are not allergic to the slight amounts of alcohol used in preserving the Flower Remedies. There is no danger of interaction with pharmaceuticals. Flower Remedies are compatible with western medicine and alternative health modalities and can be taken concurrently with both.

Is there a Flower Remedy for Swine Flu?

Flower Remedies cannot prevent, treat or cure the 2009 H1N1 flu virus. The body's reaction to this flu in young people is too harsh and uncontrolled. The body exposed to the virus for the first time may swamp itself with immune response and the patient can die suddenly. Those over 50 so far, have been spared. If you feel you might be exposed you can take "Rescue Remedy" which contains these five Bach Flower Remedies:

1. To restore balance and harmony, Star of Bethlehem
2. For loss of control, to restore calmness and sanity, Cherry Plum
3. For courage to face an emergency, Rock Rose
4. Brings down to earth, Clematis Flower Remedy
5. For irritation and doing too much, Impatiens Flower Remedys

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