Disease is sent to us to hasten our evolution.
Could we but listen, we could live disease free.
~ Dr. Edward Bach

Musician & Healer, Kevin Zucker
The best way to take care of yourself is to make life changes when your health is good. We can at least prevent our own behavior from working against our body's healing responses. At the onset of emotional or lifestyle imbalances, a timely intervention with the right Flower Essence can prevent progression into a physical symptom.

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"I completed your book at 0430 this morning.
The awakening is stirring.
May the light within you shine for all to see."
-CDR Randy Heller USN (RET)

Our "modern" way of living is more and more stressful with more and more "friendly fire." You can treat yourself badly, store toxic emotions, eat junk, pollute yourself in every way, until you are about 48 years old. Then, from nature's point of view, your children are probably able to care for themselves, and all the extra vitality that you once had to burn, disappears. If you are still trying to live that way you are risking a health crisis.

Let go of bad habits. Start taking care of yourself now. "Inner Truth" will show you how.

Learn to implement dietary changes before you start down the slippery slope. Ninety percent of disease takes hold in the digestive tract. Unfortunately, most people will just hope to rely on the Medical Establishment to keep them going. That is why I have put together this survey of alternative health choices. - Ayurvedic Healing - Essential Oils - Diet and Exercise - Sound Healing - Healing Touch & Massage - Acupuncture - Flower Remedies - Herbs - Artist Healer Shaman - Meditation & Yoga - Light as Medicine - Stress - Book of Changes - Musica Humana & Musica Mundana

INNER TRUTH by Kevin Zucker 6" x 9" 176 pages plus heavy stock color cover, perfect bound.



Why Flower Remedies?

A friend visiting from Wales happened to leave a brochure from Healing Herbs in the U.K. This flyer lay around the house for several months, eventually finding its way next to the computer.

One day I decided to browse the website of healingherbs.co.uk - and I poked around reading different things before I came to the page describing their long-distance study program, with the final test being administered on-site in England.

As I read about this, totally unexpectedly and suddenly, I started to cry. Not a sad kind of crying, but like someone had tickled my inmost heart. I recognized this was something I had better pay attention to.

So I started reading case studies of patients treated with flower essences, and I ordered a set of the 38 original flowers of Dr. Bach.

At first I began trying the essences on myself. After one week, I noticed that coffee smelled bad, and I decided not to have any that morning. Normally, without fail, I would have experienced a severe withdrawal headache starting about 1 PM and lasting at least 24 hours. This time, however, I experienced nothing, and I have been coffee-free since January.

To show how addicted I am to coffee, after all the caffeine was removed from my system I ate a miniature cookie dusted with chocolate mocha powder-one cookie about the size of a thumbnail gave me a headache. Even just breathing the steam from a coffee-maker.

I began to have dreams that were full of information, and details about the use of the flower essences, what they are good for and who would benefit. The words came in a rush, so that I was able to write down only a few terms that I could remember upon waking.

One of the important ones was "Flamewort." I checked on the web-sure enough, there was Flame Wort in a list of items that began with "Agrimony." Agrimony is the first, alphabetically, of the Bach Flowers.

But no-on closer inspection, this list was only magic potions, part of a role-playing game. What was going on?

Some months later I decided to see about working with our troops returning from Iraq, to help with their transition to normal life. They are not getting a lot of help from the VA. I am sure the need is great, as some troops have committed suicide.

I wrote to the Flower Essence Society to see if they knew of anyone who had experience treating the troops with Flower Essences.

They didn't, but they were interested, and they recommended a PTSD formula developed for survivors of massacres in Africa and of the Trade Towers on 9/11. They gave me the formula, which contained a flower in their experimental series, called "Fireweed."

Fireweed = Flame Wort. The word "wort" is an old Anglo Saxon word and means a plant or herb. Fireweed is the first flower to grow after a forest fire.

One day I was working on my customer database for my game business. One of my customers has an email - "bookstoreConwy" and his shop is in the village of Conwy, in Wales. I was a bit bored after entering a lot of data, so I clicked on his website, but it was down. Curious, I searched for all the bookstores in Conwy-until I came to a walking tour, in photos, showing the old castle Conwy. Once again, the tears suddenly poured forth-as though I recognized something about this place. So I decided to take a trip to Wales and visit Conwy. I thought I would also try and follow in the footsteps of Edward Bach and travel to the area where he discovered the first of his flower essences. But-I had no idea where in Wales this might have been.

At that time I received in the mail from my friend in Wales a magazine published by the National Botanic Garden of Wales. An article entitled "Healing Through Flower Power" mentioned that "it was in North Wales, at a secret location near Betws y Coed in fact, that [Bach] made his first three important discoveries." That was exactly the information I needed to pursue my plan to follow along in Dr. Bach's footsteps.

Looking up the village on the map of Wales, Betws turned out to be situated in the Conwy Valley, 13 miles from Conwy, where the River Conwy meets its three tributaries.

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